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We deliver strategic consulting for pragmatic design in modular teams

Agile work­shops to
kick­start in­tui­tive
user ex­pe­rien­ces

3 steps to your innovation workshop:

Intro­duce your story

You brief us on your project and we ask a lot of questions to fully understand your needs.

Custom-tailored for you

We craft short but intense agile workshops tailored to your unique challenges and requirements.

Your innovation incubator

We conduct a 2–5 day workshop with your team and translate the results into actionable strategies based on your customers wishes.

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Innovation is a team effort

Within a short timeframe we help your experts to leverage their individual skills to create and evaluate implementations of your product’s key features.

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We put our skills to work on these


Quite Okay – Illustration Case Management Reporting
Supporting overlooked cases in Bangladesh prisons

Prison reform project for international aid agency

Quite Okay – Illustration Location Based Mobile Game
Location based real-life interaction game

Location based tech startup

Version control for infrastructure planning documents

Software as a service startup

Quite Okay – Illustration Generative Identity
Generative brand identity

Concept, design & implementation of a generative logo

Quite Okay – illustration Chronic Disease Diary App
Chronic disease mood journal

Mobile app

What about your project?

Do you need to digitalise a process, sort out an extensive interface or provide intuitive solutions for a complex problem?

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we are

Quite Okay

We’re creatives with technical understanding and the human in mind. We work together in modular teams of highly trained experts with backgrounds in digital product design, computer sciences and media arts.

Meet your contact personel:

Adam Wallat

Dipl. Design

Digital product designer and strategic consultant for consumer IoT products, international aid projects and tech startups. Interdisciplinary design education with hands-on experience working on long term design projects in asia and emerging economies.
Adam lives and works in Frankfurt.

Daniel J. Becker

Dipl. Design

Interaction desginer and software consultant who uses programming for generative design of audiovisual and interactive projects. A graduated designer and self taught code specialist whose spatial works include media facades, television studio designs and semi-permanent light installations.
Daniel lives and works in Cologne.

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Cologne & Frankfurt am Main, Germany